Now we’re rolling

October 25, 2007

Almost one hour to the minute after drinking my first dose o’ the prep, we’ve got some action. It’s a very strange sensation, I must report. (Perhaps this will be too graphic for some readers, but you are, after all, reading a colonoscopy blog.)

It doesn’t really feel like the diarrhea you get when you have the flu. For one thing, I haven’t had any cramps or desperate feelings of urgency. It’s been very… relaxed, I guess. (How unexpected is that?) And there’s really rather little in the way of sensation, overall, apart from lots of water leaving your butt. It doesn’t burn or anything, and right now I’m not experiencing any of the rawness (ick) that other folks have reported online. Of course, to paraphrase Karen Carpenter, I’ve only just begun.

More as it occurs, though something tells me that the operative phrase for the next few hours is going to be “more of the same.”