Dose #1

About half an hour ago I mixed together one (1) lemonade flavor packet; twelve (12) ounces of water; and one (1) bottle of “phospho-soda.” (Note: phospho-soda not recommended for ice cream floats.) It wasn’t exactly tasty, but it wasn’t too horrific either. That 12-ounce concoction along with the 12 ounces of water they tell you to drink right afterwards, though, is a lot of fluid. And there’s a bit of an aftertaste. But all in all, it’s not too bad.

So now I’m just kind of waiting around for things to happen. I feel some gurgling in the gut, and I feel a little gassy, but nothing too unpleasant. Thus far no nausea, no cramping, etc. Let’s hope that keeps up.

If I’m brave, I’ll bring the laptop into the bathroom with me for exclusive (!) real-time reportage on the colon-evacuating experience. Exciting stuff, y’all.


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