Provisions acquired

Tomorrow is the prep day. Yikes. Until about noon today, I was kind of looking forward to taking a “day off” from work. (Unfortunately I’ll actually have to do some serious work from home, but without the benefit of food, so I’ll be cranky and irritable and probably pretty spacey. Oh, and I get to close out the day by intentionally inducing several hours of diarrhea.) Now I’m really dreading it.popsicle.jpg

But my lovely wife was kind of enough to procure:

  1. Several bottles of lemon-lime Gatorade.
  2. Four boxes of Jello brand gelatin des[s]ert (see below re: the [s]).
  3. Four liters of ginger ale
  4. Four liters of 7-Up
  5. A box of popsicles.

This, combined with our stores of coffee, tea, and chicken bouillon cubes, should mean that I’m in pretty good shape in terms of variety of fluids. I guess I’m more worried about lethargy and headaches. But what can you do? I’m ready as I’ll be.


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